All Modes


Mode 1- Pushing

simulates thumbs, fingers and palms of a real massage therapist. The sensation should feel like a vibration.
Focuses on hypertension and stress and
helps break down lactic acid pockets in your
muscles and joints. By doing so it will help
return a full range of motion and flexibility to
that specific affected or damaged area.

Mode 2- Acupressure

a much more rapid and focused pulse that focuses on
pinpointing pressure spots. Very similar to
Chinese acupuncture

Mode 4- Cupping

a muscular mode modelled on Chinese cupping massage, it is a drawing up pulse which will pull up the
muscle and release. Drawing blood and
toxins to the surface and useful for relaxing
muscles and cramps. Very good for the
thoracic area (upper back)

Mode 5- Scraping

a muscular mode giving a short pulse, particularly effective on the lumbar area (lower back). Used for
releasing muscle tension and assisting in
fatigue and relaxation.

Mode 9- “Tapping and Kneading”

A mixture of fast and slow contractions. Provides an alternating pulse combining two popular
massage modes for effective pain relief and

Mode 11 - Ear Massage

this mode is used
with the earclips that is comes with the
package. Similar to the reflexology effect of
Mode 10, stimulating the ear effectively
stimulates various parts of the body,
improving body function and promoting

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Mode 3- Tapping

a deep tissue massage mode giving a solid tap sensation. By tapping the muscle you are increasing the body's natural blood flow and oxygen supply
to targeted area. This also helps flush any
inflammation or swelling in that pinpointed
target area.


Mode 6- Kneading

particularly helpful in activating and improving blood circulation, thereby promoting overall body strength and well-being.

Mode 7 - Contract and Hold

this mode has the longest contraction in the HiDow. It is
designed to simulate a flex movement to
help build muscle tissue.

Mode 8 - Ramping Wave

It’s a mixture of “grabbing” and “tapping”, the tapping will
break up all the lactic acid and muscular
toxins. The sensation will begin to accelerate
and get faster until it gets to a fully facilitated
contraction and release. Then automatically
go into a cycle of 5 different type of
therapeutic sensations.

Mode 10- Foot Massage

This is the mode used in conjunction with the Massage
Slippers. Reflex areas on the feet are
stimulated and, through nerve conduction,
then stimulate and relax various parts of the
body, promoting overall health and wellbeing
while providing a relaxing foot massage

Mode 12- Exercise

This is a the mode used
to stimulate muscles, inducing fat burning
movements that can be used over a period
of time without the fatigue of exercise.
Increased exercise and movement helps the
body stay healthy and able to cope with the
stresses of life as well as having a slimming